Wells Catfish: Fish Facts

The wels Catfish (Silurus Glanis)

Wells Catfish Identification.
The Wells Catfish has a large wide head with tiny eyes a wide mouth that has whiskers on each side, these whiskers or Barbels are uses to find food in the dark depths of the rivers, ponds or large lake where it lives. The Wels catfish has a tiny dorsal fin about i/3 body length from the head, but the anal fin is long and runs for over half its body length, along with quite large pectoral fins. The colour of the Wels Catfish is Green/ dull Brown with a light cream / white underside, the flanks will also have a mottled patterning to them. The body of the Wels Catfish is muscular and even small cat fish will test your fishing tackle.

Selective waters, Lowland river with a slow flow, lakes, ponds marsh and flood plains.

Crustaceans, insect larvae and mollusc’s and just about anything edible that will fit into its mouth.

Mid summer May- June

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Well Catfish Record
62lb (28.123 kilo’s)
1997 R.Garner, WithyPool,
Henlow, Beds

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